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This is a species of herpesviruses generally found in the the salivary glands. This virus usually goes unnoticed in healthy people but can be deadly for new born infants. This can also cause Hydropsfetalis which is when excessive fluids collect in in at least 2 fetal compartments. This type of herpes virus is spread through close contact with bodily fluid such as breast milk, blood, semen, and urine but can also be transmitted by coughs or sneezes. 

There is no cure for this infection and immunizations to prevent it are being researched. Infants and weak people with this desease are able to take medications to help with symptoms but most people have no symptoms unless their immune systems are surpressed. It is estimated that about 40% of adults worldwide are infected and about 50-80% of adults in America are infected. 

Source: medicalnewstoday


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