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This is another term for a young child under the age of 71 months, having at least one decayed, filled, or missing primary teeth. Infants and young children can get this tooth decay from transmission of saliva for example intimate contact with the primart caregiver such as kissing, sharing utincels or food, poor dental hygien and or open carious lesions in the primary caregivers mouth. 

Feeding you baby or young child liquids containing of sugars and carbs and frequent snacking can lead to dental carries. Especially feeding you child while they are asleep or in bed because the food or liquids sit in the mouth for a prolonged amount of time. 

The enamel in primary teeth is a lot thinner and weaker then primary teeth so childrens teeth are more prone to carries and should be taken care of daily. If your child is old enough to use  flouride mouthwash, it is a good way to help stregnthen teeth. 

The risk factors of a child getting dental carries is pain and infection in the mouth. These symptoms may lead to painful chewing which in turn will limit the childs ability to eat anc chew so it will lead to malnutricion. If left untreated, it will eventually lead to sores and ruptures which will cost a fortune to treat. 



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