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Baby Illnesses/Conditions
Having to prick your babies finger and maybe even give insulin shots can be tough for a parent to administer. Do not worry about having to memorize everything about diabetes, your healthcare provider
This is another term for a young child under the age of 71 months, having at least one decayed, filled, or missing primary teeth. Infants and young children can get this tooth decay from transmission
This is a species of herpesviruses generally found in the the salivary glands. This virus usually goes unnoticed in healthy people but can be deadly for new born infants. This can also cause Hydropsfe
Your body responds to an illness with a fever, this is your body’s response to fight off whatever infection is present in your body. A fever can be good but not when it is very high, when a babi
The flu is caused by the RNA viruses and is passed on by mammals or birds. This is airborne and passed by coughing or sneezing or direct contact from a sick person as well as coming in contact with bi
Rickets is a disease cause by malnutrition and low amounts of vitamin d and calcium. This is usually found in children in poor countries and who are under a famine. As a result children with this dise
Fifth disease, also called slapped face disease and has other names because it causes a red rash to cover the face and sometimes the body. This is caused by the parvovirus B 19 and usually starts off
This disorder is found in only boys and in about 1 of 3600 of them which leads to muscle degeneration and then eventually death. This results from a mutation to the largest gene found on the x chromos
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