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Babys 1st Year
Not everyone may think how much TV can affect our children but it can; how many times do we see smoking, alcohol abuse or violence on the TV? About every channel has some type of abuse displayed
Sometimes we have no choice but to move to a new house, or you may be expecting a need to expand to a larger house for more space. Young children may have a hard time adjusting to a new place, th
Usually babies start to sit up between the ages of five to six months. Soon after your baby learns to sit up he will learn to crawl and will be into everything. If you have not safety proofed your hou
How to Teach Things to Preschool Children As adults, we often think of play in terms of fun and relaxation, or we trivialize it as a waste of
Children have a remarkable capacity to expand their brain power if given the opportunity when young. The channels within the brain are like pipes going to areas
In most communities there are wide array of daycares or child care facilities to choose from. They all have their differences such as cost, location, and size.
At what time should you start reading to your child? Every new parent wants to do the best that they can possible do to prepare their child to become a producti
     When your baby starts sitting up on his own its an exciting achievement. Crawling, on the otherhand, is a handful. To child proof your house for a cra
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