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8-10 months
Ingredients: ½ c cup of quinoa (cooked according to package) 2 table spoons of spaghetti sauce ¼ cup of finely cooked ground hamburger Directions <
Ingredients: ½ cup of butternut squash cooked and mashed ¼ cup of Quinoa cooked according to package Cooked turkey cut very fine Directions
Ingredients: ¼ cup of cooked Quinoa according to package. ¼ cup of cooked mashed mixed veggies 1 table spoon of spaghetti sauce (without chunks) Directions
Ingredients:  ½ cup of baby carrots Tea spoon butter (optional if baby is not allergic to dairy)   Directions


Ingredients: 1 cup of apple sauce 3 strawberries Directions
  1. Boil strawberries in a little water until soft.  Remove from heat and drain water.
Ingredients:  ¼ cup of cooked butternut squash ¼ cup of apple sauce ½ cup of cranberries 1 teaspoon of brown sugar  Directions
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